Life Tree T-Shirt


Life Tree T-Shirt
Life Tree T-Shirt emphasizes that you gave life to one tree by buying the product. Trees are the most effective and cheapest way of sequestering carbon dioxide and therefore, are a great tool to diminish the effects of climate change. One single tree can make a big difference as it can absorb up to 30kg of CO2 per year and bring oxygen back to the atmosphere. Moreover, trees are also a great source of biodiversity as they provide food, shelter, and habitat for millions of species. With our product Life Tree T-Shirt wants to stress how important trees are to maintain the world’s biodiversity and regulate Earth’s ecosystems. In addition, at LifeCoWorld we are on a mission to connect humanity with nature and make trees the main piece of the puzzle for a newe society fully respectful with the environment. 

About LifeCoWorld
Furthermore, at LifeCoWorld we are committed with the environment and we are on a mission to help save Planet Earth. For each product you purchase, we plant one tree! Above all, you are part of a community to become a healthier person and hence, improve your daily habits by respecting this incredible Planet. We collaborate with Plant-for-the-Planet a global movement that plants trees around the world and teaches students in schools about the consequences of the climate crisis. All the tress will be planted in a reserve located in the Yucatan, Mexico. These trees can absorb up to 4 times more carbon dioxide than a tree from Germany!

Our products are made with organic cotton OCS100 or OCS Blended meticulously selected certified by Ecocert Greenlife. 
They are designed to provide perfect comfort, to be long-lasting and sustainable. 
100% organic cotton
Logo size: 17,5cm
1 tree will be planted
Shipping in Spain
Deliveries in 5-7 working days
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Wash less to save water ;), it is a scare resource
Always try to wash with similar colors
Wash with cold water to make it more long-lasting
Iron on reverse