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What is biophilia?
Biophilia is described as the passionate love of live and of all that is alive 

Biophilia is the idea that humans have an innate drive to connect with nature and other livinig beings. Nature's influence in humanity affects our mental health, hobbies, travels, ways of living and workplaces. According to the biophilia hypothesis, we have a physiological need to be in contact with nature and the natural world. 

At LifeCoWorld we try to incorporate nature elements in our designs in order to enhance the connection between humans and nature. Every design we produce is backed by nature and aims to motivate the wearer to spend time in the natural environment while showing awe for life. 

We want to reconnect humanity with nature

One of our main goals is to bring back the connection with life and the natural world. At LifeCoWorld we believe that if we manage to reconnect with nature, many environmental challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss could be easier to tackle. Tree planting is one very effective way to connect with nature and it also has many benefits such as acting as a carbon sink, producing oxygen, and sheltering thousands of living beings. 
Join the biophilia revolution, join the Life revolution

Increasing disconnection from nature

Human divergence from nature appears to have happened in line with technological developments, with advances from the 19th and 20th centuries having the greatest impact. These advanced have fundamentally changed our relationship with nature. 

Our increased distance from the natural world, due to urbanization, technology, and consumption habits, could have severe negative effects on our well-being. Researchers have found that over 90% of people would imagine themselves in a natural environment when asked to think of a place where they felt relaxed and calm. 

Being around nature makes us feel better, our mental and physical well-being depends on how much time we spend on nature and this also affects our productivity and general well-being. 
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Exposure to nature increases well-being

Exposure to the natural world fosters psychological well-being, reduces the stress of urban living, and promotes physical health. Humans are characterized by a tendency to pay attention to, affiliate with, and positively respond to nature. Leisure activities in natural settings, for instance, are important for helping people to cope with stress as well as in meeting other needs unrelated to stress. 

Several research studies have shown that exposure to scenes with vegetation leads to higher levels of positively toned feelings. Moreover, prolonged exposure to window views of nature can have important health-related influences. 

Being in contact with nature brings many health-related benefits and reduces stress!