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Life Angel Hoodie
Life Angel Hoodie represents the art of living. When you wear it, we want you to feel the adrenaline of life in all its forms. With the backprint ‘Living on the Edge’, we want to highlight the joy of life and its unpredictability. Life itself is mysterious and to succeed, risks need to be taken. At LifeCoWorld we are on a mission to connect humanity with nature and help build a new society that is fully respectful with the environment. 
About LifeCoWorld
At LifeCoWorld we are committed to the environment and we are on a mission to help save Planet Earth. For each product you purchase, we plant one tree! Above all, you are part of a community that respects the planet and wants to reconnect with nature. We collaborate with Plant-for-the-Planet, a global movement that plants trees around the world and teaches students in schools about the consequences of the climate crisis. All the trees will be planted in a reserve located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. These trees can absorb up to 4 times more carbon dioxide than a tree from Germany!

Our products are made with organic cotton OCS100 or OCS Blended, meticulously selected and certified by Ecocert Greenlife. They are designed to provide perfect comfort, to be long-lasting and sustainable. 
100% organic cotton
1 tree will be planted
Shipping in Spain
Deliveries in 5-7 working days
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Wash less to save water ;), it is a scare resource
Always try to wash with similar colors
Wash with cold water to make it more long-lasting
Iron on reverse

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